Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What you have to teach your player in school? 

In primary school, we don't teach the difficult basketball drill to our players(pupils). What we have to teach are Dribbling, Passing, Lay-up and Shooting.If the players are mastered the basic skills. That's mean they can win in the games. Here are the basic skill that's i always coach.

Drill For Dribbling
Spend a few minutes each day on basketball dribbling drills and watch your confidence and skill lever soar! These youth basketball drills and basketball tips are guaranteed to improve any player's ball handing. To legally start dribbling, the player must release the ball from the hands before the pivot foot leaves the floor, otherwise a travel violation will be called. 

Speed Dribble 
  • Head downcourt,dribbling the ball at top speed.
  • Control the ball with finger, not palms.
  • Keep the ball in front but to the side of body.
  • Eyes up and looking ahead.
  • Keep the ball below waist height.
  • Push the ball hard into floor. 
 Above is a dribble practice video clip
Drill For Shooting
Basketball's most important skill, the ability to shoot the ball through the hoop to score is an essential component of the learning process.

Holding the Ball in Preparation

  • Hold the ball in fingers' never the palm.
  • Spread the fingers comfortably.
  • Place non-shooting hand on the side of the ball.
  • Keep the ball on the same side of the body as the shooting hand.(e.g. right for right-handers, left for left handers.
The Shot Release
  • The right foot and right shoulder should be forward, feet around shoulder-width apart.
  • Push the ball upward in one smooth action from the chest.
  • Knees should be bent and straightened as ball is taken upward.
  • Snap the wrist on ball release and follow through with arm outstretched, and following ball into the hoop in the shape of an emu.   
Bent your knee and aim to shot

Jump and straight your knee

Snap the wrist on ball release

Arm outstretched 
      Drill For Passing
Passing is the quickest way to advance the ball ini basketball. Throwing the ball to a teammate is a basic and essential element of the game.

Two-Hand Chest Pass

The most basic of basketball's passes.

  • Hold the ball in fingers, not palms.
  • Step forward in the direction of the receiver when releasing the ball.
  • Snap wrists when releasing the ball.
  • Follow through with fingers extended toward the intended receiver.
  • The receiver should catch the ball at chest height.
Two-Hand Bounce Pass

  • Follow the same technique as for the two-hand chest pass.
  • Follow through toward the floor, throwing the ball to hit the court about two-thirds of the way toward the intended receiver.
  • The receiver should catch the ball at waist height.
Two-Hand Overhead

  • Hold the ball with fingers.
  • Position ball directly above head.
  • Deliver ball downward to receiver's chest.
  • Snap wrists and follow through.